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Potpourri Botanical Ingredients

Countryside® Botanicals offer a diversity of colors and textures for your favorite crafting projects or the raw materials for creating a whole new potpourri. Everything you need to create home fragrances, fragrant crafts, bulk potpourri, sachets, scented pillows, wreaths and much more.

Dried flowers, herbs and other potpourri ingredients when mixed properly are generally regarded as safe, however certain ingredients may cause allergic reaction in some individuals. Please use caution and reasonable care in preparations while appreciating the enormous diversity and potency of the scents. Potpourri can be displayed in all sorts of containers, china, baskets, glass dishes, antique wooden bowls and boxes for decorating and scenting the home.

Star Anise
Our Price:  $6.00  
Whole Allspice
Our Price:  $5.95  
Rose Buds and Petals
Our Price:  $10.00  
Dried Orange Peel
Our Price:  $5.95  
Whole Cloves
Our Price:  $16.95  
Bay Leaves
Our Price:  $8.95  
Uva Ursi Leaves
Our Price:  $9.95  
Crushed Cinnamon
Our Price:  $5.95  
Lycopodium Fern
Our Price:  $6.99  
Rosemary Leaves
Our Price:  $3.95  
Pink Hibiscus Pods
Our Price:  $3.88  
Blue Hibiscus Pods
Our Price:  $3.88  
Eucalyptus Leaves
Our Price:  $6.00  
Idaho Pine Cones
Our Price:  $0.25  
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