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Culinary gourmet, premium quality cinnamon sticks are cut-to-length and available in 1", 2-3/4", 6", 10" and 18" sizes.

Countryside Herb Farm cinnamon sticks are great for ciders, hot chocolate, teas, coffees, mulling spices and holiday beverages. Cinnamon sticks make a perfect decoration for crafting projects, primitives or adding to bulk potpourri recipes. Cinnamon Swizzle Sticks for apple ciders, wassail and hot toddies. Order by the pound with quantity discount pricing:

1" Cinnamon Sticks
Our Price:  $5.88  
2.75" Cinnamon Sticks
Our Price:  $4.88  
6" Cinnamon Sticks
Our Price:  $4.88  
10" Cinnamon Sticks
Our Price:  $5.25  
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